Heartsprinkle Crochet Hook

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Here’s the Heartsprinkle hook perfect for the one who loves hearts! Each heart is hand painted and is randomly placed throughout the hook as if it were literally sprinkled with cute little hearts.



2 weeks


Boye-Tapered neck
SusanBates-Straight neck


Boye: G/4.25mm, H/5.00mm, I/5.25mm, J/5.75mm, K/6.50mm

SusanBates: G/4.00mm, H/5.00mm, I/5.50mm, J/6.00mm, K/6.50mm

CloverAmour: G/4.00mm, H/5.00mm, I/5.50mm, J/6.00mm

*I can only offer brands and sizes that I can get...sometimes brands change their sizes or hook colors.

If you do not see the size or brand you are looking for, please message me.

Please feel free to ask me any questions!