Pencil Theme Crochet Hook

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These hook handles are designed with our original No. 2 pencil design.

The shape of this hook allows you to have a better grip of your crochet hook.

Some of the grain textures of the wood may be seen but does not affect the comfort of your hook.

This listing is for the cost of ONE HOOK!

Hook Sizes/Brands Available:

Boye: G/25mm, H/5.00mm, I/5.75mm, J/5.75mm, K/6.50mm

Susan Bates: G/4.00mm, H/5.00mm, I/5.50mm, J/6.00mm, K/6.50mm

Clover Amour: G/4.00mm, G/4.50mm, H/5.00mm, I/5.50mm, J/6.00mm, K/6.5mm

If you do not see the brand/size you would like or have any questions please message me.


*Satisfaction Guaranteed. If your hook breaks we will replace it for you. We will only replace the hook ONE time for the same hook design/size/brand. You must send your hook that you want replaced back to us. We do not pay for the shipping cost for you to send the hook to us. Your new hook will not be replaced until we receive your old hook.*