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Want a crochet hook in a different color? How about one with your name on it? Custom crochet hooks are now available!

This listing is for custom crochet hooks. Please message me before purchasing. If you purchase before we talk about details in your custom piece, your order will be cancelled.

Custom hook prices will depend on the design you'd like to have. There are three different types.

Basic: A different color of our current design (Example: different color marble or solid handle) or a very simple design. 

Premium: Hand painted custom design.

Deluxe: Sculpted parts and some painted details in the design.

ADD ON Hook Stand 1: Holds one hook. Standard/simple design and coordinates with your hook.

ADD ON Hook Stand 2: Holds two hooks. Standard/simple design and coordinates with your hook.


***The amount of work it will take to make your custom piece will differ and this determines what type of design your hook is. Please message me before purchasing so we can discuss the details for your custom piece.***

You will receive a rough sketch of how your hook will look.

ADD ON HOOK STAND 1 and 2 is just for the hook stand alone! It is an add on to your custom crochet hook. You must add this on if you want a hook stand with your crochet hook.

Process time depends on your custom piece and can take 4-8 weeks to ship out. Custom hook orders are only available when slots are open. Please follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter to receive notifications for slots available and special offers.

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